A Most Wanted Man – A Spy Movie Unlike Any Other!

A Most Wanted ManAccording to top movie critics, “A Most Wanted Man” starring the late Philip Seymour, is nothing less than brilliant. The movie is an adaptation of the John le Carré spy novel and unlike most other movies of this genre, it offers real depth and storyline opposed to unnecessary violence and sex.

Set in Hamburg, the movie begins when a half-Russian and half-Chechen Muslin man illegally crosses the border into Germany. Very quickly, counter-terror intelligence claims he is a suspected Jihadi and as such, both the German and United States governments get involved. With so much going on in the Middle East today, this movie creates emotions close to home.

Even though there are ever-changing plots, unique sub-plots, and multiple characters that create a sense of complication, viewers are so mesmerized that they find the story easy to follow. Seymour plays the role of a liberal lawyer who many refer to as a “social worker for terrorists”. Other characters to help thicken the plot include a rich banker, which is played by Willem Dafoe, a passionate human-rights lawyer play by Rachel McAdams, a Muslim doctor, and the son of a German undercover operative.

In this movie, viewers enjoy the mystery of who really is and is not bad coupled with a nice sprinkling of surprises. A Most Wanted Man is without doubt one of the best spy thrillers in decades. Sadly, this was also the last film that Philip Seymour starred in before his tragic death, which adds to the allure.

Between the skill of Dutch director Anton Corbijn and cinematographer Benoit Delhomme, viewers are given the opportunity to experience film artistry at its finest.