A “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” Sequel Confirmed

My Big Fat Greek WeddingFilming on a sequel of the 2002 “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is currently underway. Rita Wilson, Tom Hank’s wife, who was recently a guest on the Bravo TV’s Watch What Happens Live said that not only is a sequel of this popular movie coming but all of the original cast members will return.

Although the new installment of the film has yet to be officially named, it has been confirmed by both HBO and Gold Circle that Nia Vardalos will again be the screen writer. The 2002 comedic movie was a huge success, having grossed more than $368 million worldwide and according to insiders, the next film will do just as well, if not better.

In addition to writing the second “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, Vardalos will reportedly come back to star as Fotoula “Toula” Portokalos who in the first installment, played a women going through a serious mid-life crisis. However, after meeting a handsome schoolteacher, the unmarried character again had hope of falling in love.

To get the schoolteacher’s attention, she changed her look and ultimately, landed her a boyfriend. Unfortunately, her family did not approve of the relationship at first because she is Greek and he is not but they continue dating and after an engagement filled with challenges, the couple ends up getting married.

John Corbett will also return for the sequel film of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” as Ian Miller who visits the Portokalos family while attending yet another wedding. Also returning are Lainie Kazan (Maria Portokalos), Michael Constantine (Kostas Portokalos), Andrea Martin (Aunt Voula), Louis Mandylor (Nick Portokalos), Gia Carides (Cousin Nikki), and Joey Fatone (Cousin Angelo), as well as Stavroula Logothettis, Ian Gomez, Bruce Gray, Fiona Reid, Jayne Eastwood, Arielle Sugarman, and Frank Falcone.

In a statement from Vardalos, as a mother, her view of things will be different this go-around. Currently, she is both writing and starring in a Paramount movie called “Leftovers” but in addition, on book tour for her best-selling book, Instant Mom.

Producing the film are Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks, and Gary Goetzman while executive producers include Steven Shareshian, Paul Brooks, Norm Wiatt, and Scott Niemyer. A date for the “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” sequel has also not been announced but from the mouth of Wilson, it will likely hit theaters sometime in 2016.