American Sniper: Merry Christmas With Clint Eastwood’s New Movie

American-SniperMany people do not realize that in addition to a highly successful acting career, Clint Eastwood has played a key role in directing for years to include films he did and did not star in. His passion for filmmaking started with the thriller “Play Misty for Me”, and continued with over 30 other films to his credit such as “Mystic River” and “Letters from Iwo Jima”, among others. In fact, Eastwood has run Malpaso, his own production company for almost 50 years.

Although some people feel he is too demanding, most actors appreciate his no-nonsense approach to filmmaking that involves keeping focus on the work, not him. To accomplish that goal, Eastwood often shoots quickly, efficiently, and covertly. His latest endeavor, American Sniper, has everyone abuzz. American Sniper was a project first started by Steven Spielberg but unable to secure the required budget, it was adopted by Eastwood.

Principal photography and production was shot in Morocco back in early 2012, followed by additional filming in an authentic Afghan village, El Centro, Culver City, California, and then on a yacht in Marina del Rey. Warner Bros. recently announced that a limited release will hit theaters December 25, followed with a full public opening in January 2015. The new movie is based on the Chris Kyle autobiography, also entitled “American Sniper”.

Chris Kyle was a highly respected Navy SEAL with reportedly 160 confirmed kills. Having served four tours in the Iraq War, Kyle was awarded numerous commendations for his meritorious service and acts of heroism. Although honorably discharged in 2009, Kyle went on to write his autobiography, which made the New York Times bestselling list. Sadly, he was killed at a Texas shooting range with his accused murderer’s trial pending.

Eastwood wanted to bring Chris Kyle’s story alive and to accomplish this, actors such as Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Kyle Gallner, Luke Grimes, Cory Hardrict, Sam Jaeger, and Jake McDorman were cast. Cooper will play the lead role of Chris Kyle, depicting his life as one of the Navy SEAL’s all-time greatest snipers.

The Christmas holiday is typically a time when production companies compete for viewers and this year will be no different. In addition to Eastwood’s American Sniper, movie goers will have options like Unbroken, starring Angelina Jolie, Tim Burton’s Big Eyes, and others to include Selma and The Woods. Even with multiple choices, Eastwood feels confident American Sniper will offer mature audiences something unique and special by providing them an inside view of war and the service of a true American hero.