Automata – Dark Sci-Fi Coming in October 2014

automataWith a release date of October 10, 2014, movie fans are excited for the new dark sci-fi thriller, Automata starring Antonio Banderes. Movie critics are also excited, claiming this will be the best-looking movie of its kind released in 2014. With an estimated budget of $15 million, there will be no shortage of acting talent and high-tech thrills.

In the film, robots gain consciousness after becoming sentiment, leading a small number of them to kidnap a human being. Unlike many other sci-fi box office hits, this particular movie will explore sentience and humanity. In other words, the film examines the concept of danger when the human mind and machine fuse.

The story occurs 50 years in the future, a time when Earth is gradually turning to desert. Struggling to survive because of deteriorating agriculture, Automata begins while the human race regresses. In desperation to live and to battle uncertainty, the first quantum android is created. Known as Automata Pilgrim 7000, the robot was originally designed to offer support to the world’s plight but over time, things turn bad.

After the rise of ROC, the corporation responsible for overseeing robotic intelligence, civilization starts to descend. However, to ensure humans maintain control over the new manufactured population, the company establishes security protocols. In his role as Jacq Vaucan, Antonio Banderas is an ROC insurance agent responsible for investigating various cases and complaints specific to defective androids.

While performing his job, Vaucan begins to uncover secrets of who is really manipulating the Automata Pilgrim 7000, and ultimately, consequences that could be devastating to humans and their future. Banderes is incredible in the role of Vaucan but other famous actors to include Melanie Griffith, Birgitte Hjort Serensen, Dylan McDermott, Robert Forster, and others, lend credit to the film.

Automata will first be released in Spain in September 2014, followed by full showings in South Africa on October 10 and limited viewing in the United States, also on October 10. Due to language, violence, and a few sexually explicit scenes, the movie has been given an R rating but for adult viewers, this is said to be a sure fire hit.