“Big Eyes”: Another Tim Burton Masterpiece – Trailer

BIGEYESOn December 25, 2014, a biographical drama film directed by Tim Burton called “Big Eyes” will be released. The film focuses on a man named Walter Keane, who during the 1950s and 1960s was notorious for claiming to have been the artist responsible for the kitsch paintings of big-eyed waifs and his wife at the time, Margaret Keane, who was the real artist.

“Big Eyes” tells the story of the couple’s heated divorce which involved Margaret accusing Walter stealing her kitsch paintings. Because he pioneered the mass production of big-eyed kid prints and possessed incredible marketing talent whereby the prints were sold nationwide in gas stations and grocery stores for a ridiculously low price, he became a fixture on talk shows and national celebrity during the 1950s.

Walter claimed to be the artist of the original paintings but in reality, it was his wife Margaret who spent countless hours in the basement creating the big-eyed paintings. Walter’s ruse finally caught up with him and became the reason the marriage failed. However, after she tried to inform people that she was actually the paintings’ artist, a huge court battle ensued.

The divorce trial, in which Walter called Margaret crazy, quickly became a dramatic showdown. To resolve the issue of who really created the paintings, the judge set up two easels side-by-side, asking each of them to paint. As she expected, Walter stated he could not do what the judge asked because of a shoulder injury whereas Margaret quickly created an amazing big-eyed masterpiece.

“Big Eyes” was written by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski and is being produced by Tim Burton along with Larry Karaszewski, Scott Alexander, and Lynette and Howell. Christoph Waltz, a 57-year-old actor and two-time Oscar winner will star as Walter Keane and Amy Adams takes the lead as Margaret. Other cast members include Krysten Ritter (DeAnn), Danny Huston (Reported Dick Nolan), Terence Stamp (John Canaday), Jason Schwartzman (Ruben), and Jon Polito (Enrico Banducci).

The writers, Alexander and Karaszewski are the same two geniuses who wrote another Tim Burton film, Ed Wood. Initially, Ryan Reynolds and Reese Witherspoon were cast as Walter and Margaret but when Tim Burton took over as director, he switched out the two lead roles for Waltz and Adams.

Yesterday, the official trailer for “Big Eyes” was released and according to people who have viewed it, the movie looks amazing. Moviegoers and critics alike are super excited for this film because this is the first time in 11 years that Tim Burton has created a drama.