“Cake”, a Darkly Amusing Film Starring Jennifer Aniston

Cake Jennifer AnnistonAfter leaving the television show “Friends” in which Jennifer Aniston played Rachel, one of the favorite characters, she has gone on to star in numerous films although none of them have achieved the same high level of success. It now appears that the movie Cake may be the one that really showcases her talent for film along with television.

Cake is an overly calculated comedy drama that tells the story of a woman living in Los Angeles, California struggling with chronic pain. Aniston in this role faces a number of serious challenges to include thoughts of suicide, separation, grief, and addiction to pills while maintaining a quick sense of humor.

Directed by Daniel Barnz and screen written by Patrick Tobin, Cake is an interesting but also captivating film. From the start of the movie, Claire Simmons (Jennifer Aniston) is involved with a support group for people who live with chronic pain. While the entire group emphasizes with her over the loss of Nina, played by Anna Kendrick, who jumped from a freeway overpass to her death, Simmons responds with unexpected sarcasm.

Playing alongside Aniston is Adriana Barraza, a Mexican immigrant who puts up with Simmons antics and serves as her “friend”. Other cast members for Cake are Sam Worthington, Mamie Gummer, Felicity Huffman, William Macy, Chris Messina, Ashley Crow, Paula Cale, Britt Robertson, Lucy Punch, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Camille Mana, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Camille Guaty, and Allen Maldonado. Cake is a movie that offers plenty of twists and turns comprised of both drama and humar.

Overall, Cake is a movie about addiction and predicted repeat patterns of behavior. However, viewers will find that many of the repetitions are actually subtle hints to a story about the heart. This movie is a clever and revealing puzzle waiting to be put together. Initially, moviegoers will think Cake is all about addiction and chronic pain but they will soon learn the storyline goes much deeper.

Cake was just shown at the Toronto Film Festival where it received good reviews. A release date has not yet been announced but this is certainly a film to keep an eye on.