“Cristela”: ABC’s New Fall Situation Comedy Series

cristela-alonzo“Cristela” is an American situation comedy set to premiere the first of thirteen episodes October 10, 2014, slotted for Friday nights at 8:30 pm EST. The show was created by standup comedienne, Cristella Lonzo, who is also a lead star in the series and executive producer. Co-creators include by Marty Adelstein, Shawn Levy, Kevin Hench, and Becky Clements.

The series chronicles the life of a sixth year law student named Cristela who is getting ready to start a big but also unpaid internship at a prominent law firm. However, she faces major challenges in pursuing her dream when her traditional Mexican-American family feels her ambitious are inappropriate.

Throughout the story, Cristela finds herself trapped between the family’s old cultural beliefs and modern times while desperately trying to embrace a professional career in law. Her sister who works as an operator for a cable television company’s call center wants Cristela to land a “real job” while her mother hopes she will fall in love with a nice man and settle down.

In real life, Cristela Alonzo is a breakout comedian who is quickly establishing herself as a top performer within the industry.

The main stars of Cristela include Cristela Alonzo (Cristela) Andrew Leeds (Josh), Carlos Ponce (Felix), Roxana Ortega (Daniela), Sarah Halford (Maddie), Terri Hoyos (Natalie), Jacob Guenther (Henry), and Isabella Day (Isabella). In addition, Gabriel Iglesias (Alberto) will have a recurring role in the show.

Critics strongly believe this new television series will achieve success not only because of the storyline but also the talented cast of stars and incredible crew. So far, titles for only three of the thirteen episodes has been revealed to include “Pilot”, and “Soul Mates”, “Hall-Oates-Ween”. Cristela is being released by 20th Century Fox Television in conjunction with 21 Laps-Adelstein Productions.