Deadpool: X-Men’s Spinoff Getting its Due in February 2016

Deadpool_Logo_Black-620x400The Deadpool film is finally going to be released in 2016. This X-Men spinoff based on Marvel’s famous comic book character, Deadpool, has received the green light from executives with Twentieth Century Fox. Ryan Reynolds who starred as the character’s alter ego, Wade Wilson, in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie from 2009 will now lay Deadpool.

After test footage of the movie leaded a few weeks ago online, rumors began circulating throughout social medial. In a calculated move, executives decided to g ahead and announce that filming will commence. According to filmmaker Tim Miller, this movie will be a feature length debut.

Originally, the Deadpool character appeared as a villain in one of the New Mutants issues. Since that time, he has appeared in a number of Marvel comic books as a disfigured and talkative character well-known for breaking the fourth wall.

In an interview, Reynolds suggested that the leaked information about Deadpool was a way to thank Twentieth Century Fox for their decision to release the film. He stated that this particular film has been in limbo for quite some time and that after the footage was seen, it had an overpowering reaction that made everything thing they were right about loving this creature.

He adds that social medial, especially Facebook and Instagram, have the ability to move mountains but in all the right ways. In addition to being a character in the X-Men Origins movie, Reynolds has starred in the 2011 movie, The Green Lantern, as well as the film, The Proposal and Buried.

Today, comic books are once again extremely popular, in part because of Deadpool’s success. Tim Miller, VFX guru will direct the film, which is expected to premiere in theaters February 12, 2016. According to those close to production, Reynolds will wear the traditional black and red suit and the character’s dialog will remain much the same.

Because Deadpool is dark and bloody, no one knows as of yet what rating the film will receive. However, many people believe as great as the role is, an R-rating is most appropriate although if Fox gives Deadpool a PG-rating, there is a strong chance of content being watered down.