Denzel Washington Repalces Tom Cruise in “The Magnificent Seven” Remake

denzel_washingtonAlthough it was announced that Tom Cruise would star in the remake of the original 1960’s movie The Magnificent Seven, it was just reported that he is being replaced by Denzel Washington. Several sequels to this classic western have been made to include “Return of the Seven” in 1966, “Guns of the Magnificent Seven” in 1969, and ”The Magnificent Seven Ride” in 1972 but none achieved the same level of success.

With a star-studded cast in the original film to include Yul Brynner, Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen, Brad Dexter, Robert Vaughn, and Horst Bucholz, movie executives knew the new version had to have a strong and respected cast in order to be well-received by moviegoers and critics.

It was confirmed that Denzel Washington will star in “The Magnificent Seven” remake and while no other actors have been named, there are rumors that Kevin Costner, Matt Damon, and Morgan Freeman may join. In addition, a director has not yet been selected although some believe John Lee Hancock would be ideal. After all, he directed ”The Alamo” in 2004, and collaborated on films like “Saving Mr. Banks” and “The Blind Side” It has also been reported that Hancock will be heavily involved with rewriting the script.

”The Magnificent Seven” remake will continue on with the original storyline about a crime-fighting guardian angel whose task it is to protect villages in Mexico from bandits. Of course, there will be new plots mingled in with old ones, making this a must-see western movie.

While some people are disappointed that Cruise will not star in the movie, others feel that Washington will be a much better fit. Antoine Fuqua who will be responsible for the cameras in “The Magnificent Seven” remake broke the news about Washington at the Toronto Film Festival during the debut of his other movie, “The Equalizer”. This new film will bring Washington and Fuqua together for a third time, something both are extremely excited about.

To ensure the remake of “The Magnificent Seven” surpasses expectations, MGM is investing a significant amount of money. According to an insider, MGM is not sparing anything when it comes to hiring the best possible talent for the film. MGM knows that mega stars, especially those who have starred in successful westerns in the past, will help draw big crowds to theaters.

With “The Magnificent Seven” remake still under development, there is no scheduled release date but movie enthusiasts can be sure this will be an amazing film once it does hit theaters.