Dwayne Johnson will Play “Black Adam” in Shazam

Dwayne JohnsonJust two weeks ago, Dwayne Johnson said he was deciding on two roles in the upcoming movie Shazam, the titular Shazam or his arch-enemy Black Adam. After tweeting today, Johnson announced his decision – Black Adam.

Very few details have come out about the movie to include release date but it is known that Shazam will be directed by Peter Segal, screen written by Bill Birch and Geoff Johns, released by Warner Bros. Pictures, and that Dwayne Johnson will have a starring role. Even without a lot of information, Shazam is expected to draw a huge crowd of both adults and teenagers alike.

Initially, the character was known as Teth Adam of Kahndaq, who first appeared in 1945 in Marvel Family #1. Throughout this character’s existence, he has been both a villain and anti-hero. With powers similar to Shazam, the now Black Adam has incredible abilities to include fight, agility, magic, strength, and lightning manipulation.

Johnson admits that he and movie executives have been in talks for years about him starring in a DC film. Earlier this year, he hinted that one of his all-time favorite characters was Black Adam. This led many people to believe that a Shazam movie would be produced and possibly released sometime in 2016 to coordinate with another huge movie coming out, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Information has leaked that a DC-based film will hit theaters on August 5, 2016 but at this time, no one knows if it is Shazam or Batman v Superman.

The plot is about Billy Batson, a teenager with an alter ego called Shazam. To transform into a superhero, Batson simply says the magic word, “Shazam”. Instantly, he becomes a costumed man with powers from six mythical figures to include Solomon, Hercules, Achilles, Zeus, and Mercury, thus the acronym “SHAZAM”.

Captain Marvel, also known as Shazam, was created by artist C.C. Beck along with writer Bill Parker in 1939. Originally published by Fawcett Comics, followed later by DC Comics, this character made his first appearance in Whiz Comics #2 in 1940. While Captain Marvel was the most popular superhero during the 1940, even more so than Superman, the franchise was expanded by Fawcett to include additional “Marvels” who shared Batson’s powers.

This has been the year for superhero movies and Shazam is expected to have huge success. Dwayne Johnson will do an incredible job as Black Adam and while no other cast members have been named, there is no doubt they will be just as well matched to the character being played.