Fox Orders “Minority Report” Pilot for 2014

minority reportAlthough Tom Cruise has starred in several huge box office hits, one of his best was Minority Report. Now, it has been reported that Steven Spielberg’s production company is in collaboration with Paramount TV to create the Minority Report for television. Fox Network has already placed an order for a pilot episode with fans hoping it will lead to a full-time series.

The Minority Report pilot will begin 10 years after the pre-crime unit from the movie shuts down. In the film, Cruise had the ability to see crimes that would happen in the future and as such, prevent them from happening. However, as with many of Cruise’s other films, there were bad guys trying to stop him from achieving the ultimate goal.

According to insiders, the Minority Report pilot will involve a detective and a Precog who although they want, cannot stop seeing things in the future. Written and produced by Max Borenstein, also responsible for writing this year’s Godzilla, there is no doubt this will be an exceptional pilot. People expect this one episode to turn into a mega crime drama of the week show but because of its storyline, talent, and popularity, they hope for much more.

While not yet confirmed, there are rumblings that if a Minority Report series is ordered, it could have a female lead. Currently, the project focuses on one particular male Precog who is forced to live crimes before they take place. However, tired of that type of life, the Precog wants nothing more than to be “normal”. The female lead is said to be some kind of mentor to the Precog, showing him positive ways to use his unique gifts.

The Minority Report movie achieved good success, having made $130 million just in the United States. The goal is to create a pilot episode that will be well-received so a widely successful series can be written. While there could be substantial changes to a Minority Report television series, most people hope at least some of the glass and steel world of the movie will remain intact.

At this time, the pilot is in the early stages of being developed. Many of the details are being worked out to include who will be cast and who will direct but this project has certainly gained the attention of millions of fans around the world.