“Frontera” – Western Action Suspense at Its Finest – Trailer

fronteraAlthough Frontera may not be receiving as much attention as some of the other films being released this fall, it is a well-made American drama that deserves to be watched. The movie stars Eva Longoria, Michael Pena, Ed Harris, and May Madigan, all veterans to the acting industry.

Rated PG-13, Frontera takes place in a dangerous border area between Arizona and Mexico. After a former sheriff’s wife dies (Amy Madigan) while riding the ranch property, law enforcement officials first believe it was a Mexican man (Michael Pena) who crossed into the United States illegally.

Being held as an innocent man, his pregnant wife (Eva Longoria) tries to help but during her efforts, she ends up with Mexican coyotes that hold her hostage in exchange for ransom. When former Arizona Sheriff (Ed Harris) and the current Sheriff (Aden Young) begin to look for answers as to who really did the killing, facts are uncovered that forever change many lives.

Written by Michael Berry and Louis Moulinet, and directed by Michael Barry, this movie touches on some very controversial and complex issues that play out in real life around the borders of Mexico. Rather than focus solely on how lives on the American side are affected by border wars and killings, Frontera touches on the lives of people in Mexico who struggle on a daily basis and want nothing more than to cross over into the US as a way of starting a better life.

Filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this movie reaches into the soul where it prompts deep thinking. All the actors embrace their characters to the fullest, the scenes are truly remarkable, and the movie filled with drama. From watching the character development and dialog, it is obvious that Michael Barry took his time to get every detail right.

Currently, Frontera is being shown On-Demand and iTunes but the movie is slotted for full public viewing in US theaters on September 5, 2014.