Guardians of the Galaxy Review – Rocket Raccoon to the Rescue

Guardians of the GalaxyThe result of combining modern day pop culture with science fiction is a movie called Guardians of the Galaxy. While some critics feel the movie lacks in the area of scripting, others find it to be highly entertaining. The hero of the movie, Peter Quill, is a kid who in the 1980s was abducted into space after his mother died. His only remaining connection to Earth was an old cassette Walkman he had clutched in his hands.

The movie, which opened August 1 by Walt Disney Motion Pictures, and starring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, and Lee Pace, is not quite comedic yet far from being an intense sci-fi thriller. Regardless of the take, viewers find it easy to get caught up in the various challenges that Quill faces.

Guardians of the Galaxy initially focuses on Quill’s space abduction but then skips forward 26 years where as an adult, he is now known as “Star-Lord”, the leader of the space bandits. His primary mission is to steal a mysterious silver orb located on a lifeless planet that was either abandoned or hidden. There, he must stay away from evil soldiers who are trying to retrieve the orb.

As usual, Bradley Cooper gives a great performance as the voice of Rocket Raccoon while Vin Diesel lends his voice to Groot, Rocket’s arboreal sidekick. Unfortunately, as part of their quest, they end up in prison, followed by a brave escape and the help of another con played by Dave Bautista. After getting out, the three make it back to Quill’s spacecraft for a clean and quick getaway.

For the most part, writers of the movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, did an amazing job at creating an articulated universe filled with compelling characters and unique settings. However, the most notable feature of the movie is the physical and situational humor. As people know, a critical aspect of filmmaking is the casting, something exceptional in this movie. All cast members did a phenomenal job although Cooper’s role was most impressive.

Although the laws of physics were occasionally disregarded, the onscreen imagery was exciting and realistic. The movie was also enhanced with beautiful music thanks to David Bowie’s Moonage Daydream and 10cc’s I’m Not in Love, among others.