Liam Neeson Captivates in “A Walk Among the Tombstones” – Trailer

A Walk Among the TombstonesThe first official trailer, which aired this past May, left movie buffs excited and eager for the full release of A Walk Among the Tombstones starring Liam Neeson, Boyd Holbrook, Brian “Astro” Bradley, Mark Consuelos, Dan Stevens, Ruth Wilson, and Sebastian Roche, among many other talented actors. This thriller is rated R because of strong language, violence, and slight nudity.

Neesen admits that when he was first offered the role in A Walk Among the Tombstones he hesitated somewhat. After glancing over the script he was not overly impressed with the plot, which involved telephone calls being made to kidnappers. After all, this was something that had been seen in movies many times before but after thoroughly reading Scott Frank’s script, he had a complete change of heart.

The movie is based on the 1992 novel written by Lawrence Block, which tells the story of Matthew Scudder, played by Neeson. Scudder is a retired NYPD police officer and recovering alcoholic, but now works as a private detective. Scudder is ultimately hired by a powerful drug dealer, played by Dan Stevens, to locate the people who abducted his wife in New York City.

Frank, a reputable screenwriter, explains that this is not considered an action film but rather, something quite unique. The film has been in development for many years and initially, Harrison Ford was slated to play Scudder. However, with a change in lead character and other cast members confirmed, shooting began in March 2014.

According to Neeson, he loves his character and is thrilled to be part of A Walk Among the Tombstones. Filming of the movie was completed in October 2013, which is now set to show in theaters around the country on September 19, 2014. With a great storyline and amazing cast of stars, critics feel this will be another 2014 box office hit.