“Low Down”: Re-Edited 1970’s Hollywood Drama

Low DownThe trailer for the drama, “Low Down” was just released and viewers are excited for the theatrical release. The Jeff Preiss movie premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, winning the Cinematography Award” US Dramatic.

“Low Down” is a biopic based on memoirs written by Amy-Jo Albany and screen written by Topper Lilien pertaining to her father, famous jazz pianist, Joe Albany and his life struggles of drug addiction. In the 1960s and 1970s, Albany was an accomplished pianist, performing for mega stars to include Charles Mingus, Charlie Parker, and Miles Davis.

However, Albany eventually became addicted to heroin, something that turned his life upside down. In the film “Low Down”, Albany’s life is told from the eyes of his 11-year-old daughter, Amy-Jo. Growing up, she was forced to watch her father go through extreme highs and lows. Primarily, she watched him being torn between being a great father and musician and getting pulled down by his addiction.

This film evokes a questionable and seedy world of musicians struggling to make ends meet, successful artists, and vagabonds while both Albany and his daughter work to live against what seems like unsurmountable odds.

Originally, Mark Ruffalo was case to star as Joe Albany but because of scheduling issues, he was replaced with John Hawkes. Elle Fanning, sister to Dakota Fanning, plays Amy-Jo.

Other stars lending their talent include Lena Heady as Sheila Albany, Glenn Close as Gram, Flea playing Hobbs, Taryn Manning as Colleen, Peter Dinklage as Alain, Burn Gorman starring as Wiggenhern, Tim Daly as Dalton, and finally, Linda Wang as the Chinese woman”.

“Low Down” is scheduled for a limited release on October 24 in New York and then again October 31 in Los Angeles. Although viewers loved the premier, Preiss felt some things needed to be changes so he created a re-edited version. With an incredible cast of stars and an intriguing storyline, critics feel this film will keep the attention of moviegoers.