Marco Polo Television Series Starting December 12

Marco PoloStarting December 12, 2014, a new television drama series is about to be debuted. The show titled “Marco Polo” focuses on the early years in the Kublai Khan court. The series, which was written and created by John Fusco will premiere on Netflix and so far, the buzz is positive.

The Weinstein Company is producing the Marco Polo television series, which is cast with some incredible talent. Marco Polo will be played by Lorenzo Richelmy, Kublai Khan by Benedict Wong, Kokachin by Zhu Zhu, and Bayan the Hundred Eyes by Tom Wu. Other cast members include Remy Hii as Prince Jingim, Rich Yune as TBA, Olivia Cheng as Mei Lin, Claudia Kim as Kutulun, and many others.

Initially, the Marco Polo television series was being developed by Starz, which picked the series up back in January of 2012. However, after trying to film the show in China failed, The Weinstein Company took over development.

After reviewing the show, Netflix picked up Marco Polo in January of this year for a price of roughly $90 million. Once the deal was secured, the announcement from Netflix was made. Executive producers and the professionals who directed the Marco Polo plot are Espen Sandberg and Joachim Ronning.

Filming of the Marco Polo series actually took place in Italy along with locations in other parts of the world to include Kazakhstan and Malaysia. Although the television series has overcome a number of obstacles, sadly fight choreographer Brett Chan and stuntman Ju Kun who were to work on the show were killed among hundreds of others on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight number MH370.

In spite of this tragedy, the Marco Polo production continued and as of tomorrow, it will finally be aired. Critics feel the show has a great shot at being a success, thanks to the many individuals who have worked tirelessly on the project.