New Adaptation of Ben-Hur Coming in 2016

paramountOne of the greatest challenges that a movie producer faces is turning a classic novel into a box office hit movie. While there have been many failures, Ben-Hur was an exception when in 1959, Lew Wallace’s film “Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ” was filmed with Charleston Heston coveting the lead role. The movie was so successful that for years, it held the most Academy Awards and Heston went on to win the best actor at the Oscars.

The movie, tells a story of a rich Jewish merchant condemned to slavery by a close childhood friend who became a commander of the Roman garrison. Taking a chance, screenwriter John Ridley rewrote the spec script. Of course, he knew that a new Ben-Hur movie could not simply meet viewer’s expectations, it would actually need to surpass it. Rewriting was tough but the biggest challenge…casting the actors.

Tom HiddlestonAccording to Paramount Pictures along with MGM and Deadline, Tom Hiddleston, known for his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a new production called Coriolanus, is ideal for the part. Even though producers and directors all believe Hiddleston has the acting ability to breathe life into the new Ben-Hur movie, he has yet to accept the role.

After all, with his unrivaled talent, Hiddleston is being sought for a number of acting projects, which could create scheduling conflicts.

Hiddleston is the number one choice to fill the big shoes of Charleston Heston but with production still months away, it is likely that other prominent names will surface.

Unfortunately, there are many skeptics who believe there is no way to recapture the emotion and intensity of the original Ben-Hur movie but with Hiddleston onboard, chances are good they would have a change of heart. As of now, the movie is set to be released in theaters February of 2016, with many keeping their fingers crossed that Hiddleston will lend his magic to filming.