New Episodes of Trailer Park Boys Ordered for 2014/2015

1-041309trailerboys.jpg“Trailer Park Boys” first premiered in 2001 as a 30-minute television series. This comedy, crime, drama show, has become so popular that new episodes have been ordered for the 2014/2015 lineup.

As a Canadian mockumentary, Trailer Park Boys focuses on the many misadventures of residents living in the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Nova Scotia, some of them ex-cons. The scheduled final season for the series was in 2007 with an episode called “Say Goodbye to the Bad Guys”, which also premiered in December 2008 on Showcase.

At that time Trailer Park Boys ended, three movies were released to include “The Big Dirty”, “Countdown to Liquor Day”, and “Don’t Legalize”, the latest one in April of this year. Because of continued interest in the films, as well as stage shows, particularly interest in the series by an international audience, the eighth season of Trailer Park Boys went into production in the summer of 2013 to be aired in 2014. In addition, preproduction for the ninth season in 2015 started in January of this year.

Netflix will air seasons eight and nine, along with three new specials. Season eight just premiered on September 5 on Netflix’s streaming service and season nine is slotted to air in March 2015. Beyond that, seasons 10 and 11 are planned, something fans of the show are extremely excited about.

The concept of the Trailer Park Boys television show was born in 1999 when a feature film called “One Last Shot” was shown at the Atlantic Film Festival. The film grabbed the attention of producer Barrie Dunn, who immediately envisioned the storyline becoming a popular television series.

After working alongside actors Robb Wells and John Paul Tremblay, who play criminals on the show, and director Mike Clattenburg, Dunn pitched the show to The Comedy Network although the idea was turned down. Immediately, the team decided to pitch the idea to Showcase, which ultimately made a commitment for a first season.

After airing the first six episodes, a few changes were made to characters and the show’s storyline by bringing in more humor. Unfortunately, because of complaints from real life residents of the Nova Scotia trailer parks where filming first occurred, space was purchased, thereby resolving any conflict.

Trailer Park Boys is a successful television series for several reasons. One, all of the characters has specific trademark mannerisms that the audience can relate to but also, the show features incredibly talented actors like Robb Wells, John Paul Premblay, Mike Smith, John Dunsworth, Patrick Roach, and Lucy Decoutere, among many others leading and supporting stars.