New Release Date Set for Godzilla 2 – June 2018

Godzilla 2“Godzilla” was first released in 1954 as a Japanese science fiction film and from that time forward, numerous versions were produced. In the movie, the United States military was called to witness Castle Bravo, a nuclear test conducted in the Pacific. Following, a massive creature emerges from the ocean, detonating a hydrogen bomb.

Years later, an investigation is done in a Philippines’ mine where two egg-shaped pods are uncovered and from them, destructive creatures called MUTOs hatched. However, the military keeps its knowledge of the ominous creature known as Godzilla a secret for many years to come. The latest adaptation of Godzilla begins 15 years after the initial discovery of the egg-shaped pods.

The first Godzilla version was released in 2014, although production actually began 10 years earlier. Distributed by Warner Bros. worldwide, excluding Japan where another company called Toho handled distribution, it became extremely popular. In addition to positive reviews from top critics who found the slow dramatic build-up, characterization, visual effects, costume designs, direction, and music to be stellar, movie goers were beyond thrilled.

The 2014 version of Godzilla earned more than $9 million for its premier release in the United States and worldwide, approximately $200 million for opening weekend. As a result, the film became the fourth highest money maker this year so far. It has now been announced by Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures that yet another Godzilla movie will be coming to theaters on June 8, 2018 entitled Godzilla 2.

Even though it has only been four years since that last Godzilla film and while there are many exceptional actors to cast, a much larger pool of talent is now available. As such, critics strongly believe out of all the Godzilla films made, Godzilla 2 will exceed all expectations.