Robert Redford Starring in Dan Rather Movie “Truth”

Robert RedfordThis fall, shooting will begin on Truth, a movie about Dan Rather. Starring Robert Redford, this high-profile film will chronicle the publicized scandal that impacted Rather’s career. Financed by Echo Lake Entertainment and Brett Ratner’s Rat Pac Entertainment, Redford will star as Rather and Cate Blanchett as Rather’s producer, Mary Mapes.

FilmNation has joined forces to represent international rights, preselling the film to overseas buyers at the Toronto Film Festival, starting, which just kicked off. Mythology Entertainment announced that Truth’s filming will begin and continue to be a driving force for the movie to come to fruition.

Truth, which is based on Mapes’ 2005 memoir titled “Truth and Duty: The Press, the President, and the Privilege of Power”, focuses primarily on the huge scandal referred to as “Rathergate”. The scandal started in the fall of 2004 when Rather reported that while serving in the Air National Guard during the Vietnam War, George W. Bush received special treatment. Rather uncovered supposed favoritism based on certain documents that some people believed where forged.

Based on Rather’s report, the subject was hit with harsh criticism. In addition, a formal internal investigation was performed, which resulted in Mapes being fired and Rather having his reputation soiled. Even so, both Rather and Mapes stood by each other’s reporting. No official retraction was ever issued by Rather and/or Mapes, or CBS who aired the scandalous report.

Truth is being screen written and directed by Vanderbilt, his first directorial movie. However, with a resume that includes involvement with “White House Down” and “The Amazing Spiderman, the movie should be amazing. Vanderbilt is also producing the film alongside Mikkel Bondesen, Brad Fischer, and William Sherak.

When approached about the movie, Rather remained cautiously optimistic. He stated that while he had no illusions, not everyone would be thrilled with the making of the movie or the way it turns out.