Sleepy Hollow Back for a Second Season

Sleepy-Hollow-101While the movie “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” starring Johnny Depp was a huge box office success, few people thought the Sleepy Hollow television show would do well. However, after premiering last year, viewers and critics alike were pleasing surprised.

Not only is Sleepy Hollow filled with tongue-in-cheek dialogue, it offers viewers some surprising twists and turns, as well as strong actor performances. Sleepy Hollow has been picked up for a second season but unlike the limited run from last year with only 13 episodes, fans are excited to learn the new season will reveal 18 new episodes.

The popularity of the show is evident by the various awards received for season one to include an NAACP Image Award, People’s Choice Award, Saturn Award, and 2014 Teen Choice Award. Sleepy Hollow is a supernatural/police drama series that first aired on Fox in September 16 and after being reviewed in October for renewal, it was picked up and now scheduled for September 22, 2014.

Similar to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow movie, this television series is considered a current day retelling of the 1820 short story. As the story goes, Ichabod Crane was a soldier in 1781 with the Colonial Army. While on a mission for the Headless Horseman (General George Washington), he ends up being killed by the Horseman.

Now over 230 later, he rises from the grave after the Headless Horseman who is revealed to be death, is called back from his watery grave by someone unknown. His resurrection brought back the other after blood was mixed shortly after the Headless Horseman was decapitated by Crane on the battlefield.

The Sleepy Hollow television series was filmed in none other than Sleepy Holly New York, a small town portrayed in the show as a much larger city. Life lone resident of Sleepy Hollow Lt. Grace Abigail “Abbie” Mills is played by Nicole Beharie, Ichabod Crane by Tom Mison, and Captain Frank Irving, the Chief of Police, by Orlando Jones.

Additional leading cast members of the Sleepy Hollow series include Katia Winter (Katrina Crane), Lyndie Greenwood (Jennifer “Jenny” Mills), and John Nobel (Henry Parish and Jeremy Crane).

The series also boasts several key supporting roles played by Craig Branham, Richard Cetrone, Neil Jackson, and Jeremy Owens (the Headless Horseman), Nicholas Gonzalez (Detective Luke Morales), John Cho (Officer Andy Brooks), Clancy Brown (Sheriff August Corbin), Michael Roark (Detective Devon Jones), D.J. Mifflin (demon Moloch), Jill Marie Jones (Cynthia Irving), Amandla Stenberg (Macey Irving), Timothy Busfield and Jon Sparks (Benjamin Franklin), and Matt Barr (Nick Hawley).