Stars Shine in the Newly Released “No Good Deed”

maxresdefaultNo Good Deed is a crime, thriller, horror film written by Aimee Lagos and directed by Sam Miller. In the movie, Colin Evans, played by Idris Elba, is a good-looking sadistic serial killer with violent and narcissist tendencies.

Former District Attorney Terri Granger, played by Taraji P. Henson, is now a stay-at-home mother who along with her two young children is kidnapped and terrorized after inviting Evans into her home after he reports his car had been run off the road.

Other stars cast in No Good Deed include Leslie Bibb as Meg, Terri’s best friend, Kate del Castillo playing Alexis, ex-girlfriend of Evans, Henry Simmons as Jeffery Granger, Terri’s husband, Wilbur Fitzgerald as Doctor Ross, and Mark Smith, an EMT.

In addition to the lead stars, the film is cast with talented supporting actors to include Frank Brennan, Kenny Alfonso, Kelly O’Neal, Tatom Pender, Yamanee Coleman, Dolan Wilson, Walter Hendrix III, Serrell K. Rollins, Alan D. Purwin, and many others.

Filming of No Good Deed started in April of 2012 in Georgia. The movie was initially scheduled to premiere in October 2013 but Screen Gems announced that it would be slotted for January 2014 instead. However, after a conflict arose with Ride Along, another Will Packer produced film, a new release date was set for April 2014.

Once again, Screen Gems pushed the release date back, this time for September 12, 2014 although no specific reasons were given. The advanced showing of No Good Deed scheduled nationwide for September 10 and 11 was cancelled with Screen Gems citing the studio felt revealing a specific plot in the movie prematurely would have a negative impact on the audiences’ overall viewing experience.

The first official trailer was aired in June of this year to great reviews although since being released in theaters some harsh critics have given the film negative reviews. According to one particular critic, the movie was dull and generally uninspiring. This same critic stated that the actors were wasting the audience’s time and their own talent.

However, after being in theaters for two days, many moviegoers are giving No Good Deed two thumbs up. Unexpectedly, the film is holding its own against the top competitor, Dolphin Tale 2.