Survivor: San Juan del Sur Coming in September

SurvivorSanJuanDelSurLogoThe wait for fans is almost over. On September 24, 2014, the 29th season of Survivor, Survivor: San Juan del Sur will premiere on CBS. Initially, this season’s Survivor was going to feature “Redemption Island” but after careful consideration by the production team, a decision was made to go with ”Exile Island” instead. Exile Island was first featured in the Survivor: Panama season and used last in Survivor: Tocantins.

Just as seen with Survivor: Blood vs. Water, the new season will feature pairs of loved ones, all competing against each other. However, one aspect of the new Survivor is that unlike many other seasons, there are no returning players. Relationships among the nine pairs of competitors are diverse, to include siblings, married and dating partners, and parents-children.

Filmed in San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua, where shooting took place for both Survivor: Nicaragua and Survivor: Redemption Island, insiders say this year’s competitors are tough as nails. Although there are a few “office” type personalities, most are hard-core competitors in real life to include a police officer, firefighters, professional baseball players, and more.

In all, there will be 20 people placed in an isolated area of San Juan del Sur and as with all seasons of Survivor, Jeff Probst will host. This year’s Survivor featured one same-gender couple, the only time this has occurred excluding Survivor: Fiji, but unfortunately, they had to drop out of the competition because of a medical emergency.

One problem with filming did arise on August 12 when just six weeks prior to the premier, the post production crew, which has been the same group of people who have produced the show since it first aired, went on strike. As part of the strike, workers demanded a pension fund, but also improved health insurance. Fortunately, the strike ended in one day, allowing for Survivor: San Juan del Sur to air as scheduled.

Tribe names for Survivor: San Juan del Sur includes Coyopa and Hunahpu and as in true Survivor tradition, contestants along with their significant other, will try to survive the harsh elements and win grueling challenges. Throughout the show, people are voted off one by one, leaving only two players vying for top spot of “Survivor”.