The Babadook: A Powerful and Scary Movie – Trailer

babadookFor people who love scary movies, The Babadook is a must-see. This 2014 Australian produced film was developed to pull audiences into the horror, making them feel as if they are experiencing things firsthand. Produced by Causeway Films and directed and screen written by Jennifer Kent, the film received raving reviews at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

The movie begins six years after the husband of Amelia was violently killed. Amelia has a six-year-old son who although she loves dearly, is completely out of control. The boy, named Samuel, has a difficult time loving and is constantly plagued by nightmares of a monster trying to kill both he and his mother.

After a book titled, “Mister Babadook” mysteriously shows up on the home’s doorstep, Samuel becomes convinced the monster in his dream is none other than the Babadook creature in the book. Soon after Amelia also begins to see the creature and then realizes her son had been trying to warn her of something very frightening and real.

The movie’s cast includes a number of well-respected Australian actors such as Essie Davis, Daniel Henshall, Noah Wieseman, Benjamin Winspear, Barbara West, and many others. When interviewed, Jennifer Kent said she wanted the audience to feel as if the hands of the monster were tightening around their necks and getting tighter and tighter with each scene. In an effort to create an extraordinarily creepy movie for moviegoers in Australia, The Babadook quickly caught the attention of Hollywood producers.

Before its general release, The Babadook is scheduled to debut in the United Kingdom at FrightFest but according to industry insiders, it has been secured for distribution in the United States as well although no schedule date has been set.