The Big Bang Theory: More Laughs Coming for Viewers

“The Big Bang Theory”It was recently announced that CBS has ordered three more seasons of fan favorite, The Big Bang Theory”. Unlike any other comedy show on television, this one leaves viewers rolling on the floor with perfected comedy and timing.

Created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom that first premiered on CBS in September 2007. While there were rumors of the show being cancelled, its popularity forced CBS to not just renew it but bring it back for three seasons.

The premise of the show centers on five characters that live in Pasadena, California. These include Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter who are roommates and physicists, Penny who lives across the hall and works as a waitress while aspiring to be an actress, an astrophysicist named Raj Koothrappali, and finally, a mechanical engineer, Howard Wolowitz. Together, the group is nerdy, geeky, awkward, and completely entertaining.

Although there are guest appearances as well, all the leading stars have become so loved by viewers around the world that each receives a huge salary, reportedly $1 million per episode, quite a jump from the $60,000 per episode received by the three main stars in the show’s first season. According to TV Guide Magazine, the annual salary makes these five actors the highest paid in television.

In addition to the announcement by CBS that season eight will air, viewers learned The Big Bang Theory will be on Monday nights, different from its normal Thursday showing because of a conflict with “Thursday Night Football”. The show will return to its original Thursday night slot once football season ends. Regardless, the change will have no impact on the number of viewers and the show’s overall success.

While season eight’s storyline will pick up pretty much where it left off, the original plot was quite different. When the show first aired, there were different characters and although a success, writers realized they needed to make some changes. Eventually, two of the original cast members, Leonard and Sheldon, remained with the others being replaced.

The change refined the show, making it funnier than ever. The Big Bang Theory was either nominated or received numerous awards to include “Best Comedy Series” in 2008, “Best Television Comedy or Musical Series” in 2009, “Favorite TV Comedy” in 2010, “Choice TV Comedy” in 2011, People’s Choice “Favorite TV Comedy” in 2012, and “Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series” in 2013, plus more to include multiple individual awards.

Now that the five cast members signed new contracts in August 2014, fans can sit back and enjoy tons of laughter.