The Giver: Thought Provoking and Intense – Trailer

taylor swiftThe highly acclaimed movie, The Giver was just released in North American theaters on August 15, 2014. After appearing on stage for years, an agreement to adapt The Giver to film was established in 1994 between actor Bill Cosby and ASIS Productions but due to multiple changes in the production team, filming ceased.

However, renewed interest came after the novel was adapted to full-length play format in 2006, followed by the release of a computer game based on the same novel. Finally after a long wait and a lot of anticipation, The Giver received the go-ahead in December of 2012. Starring incredible actors to include Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift, and others, coupled with a remarkable plot, this movie is sure to exceed expectations.

The film begins in a perfect society but over time, it changes to something dark and frightening. The story follows the life of Jonas, from boyhood into adulthood. By converting to what is known as “Sameness”, which is actually a plant whereby emotional depth is eradicated, the society is rid of strife and pain. At age 11, Jonas becomes the Receiver of Memory, a person who stores all memories prior to Sameness.

As part of being the Receiver of Memory, Jonas loses most of his privacy. In addition, he is forever isolated from his family and friends, something extremely difficult for him to deal with. He also realizes that not only he, but other people in the society simply follow the rules opposed to asking questions. The burden of the dark society along with storing all the memories begins to trouble Jonas.

At one point in the movie, Jonas asks the Receiver, now called “The Giver”, what is meant by “release”. Rather than explain, Jonas is shown a current day tape of his father, who appears to be a very kind and loving person. However, the tape also shows his father giving a fatal injection to an infant twin since having identical twins according to “Shameness” is forbidden.

The Giver is an intense movie that must be followed carefully but it also addresses many of the same emotions that people in real life deal with, making it extremely thought-provoking. For this reason, it is already receiving rave reviews from both moviegoers and critics alike. The book “The Giver” has been widely recognized and received multiple awards. It is believed the movie with the same name will also become one of the best films of all time.