The Last of Robin Hood: Story of Legendary Errol Flynn – Trailer

The Last of Robin Hood Trailer, a film about actor Errol Flynn with focus on his love life.
The-Last-of-Robin-HoodThe Last of Robin Hood is an American independent biographical drama depicting the life of actor Errol Flynn with focus on his love life. Written and directed by Richard Glatzer, along with Wash West, this film received an above average rating when screened at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival’s Special Presentation section.

With a star studded cast to include Susan Sarandon, Kevin Kline, Dakota Fanning, Max Casella, Patrick St. Esprit, Matthew Kane, Sean Flynn, Bryan Batt, Jane McNeill, the film is expected to do well in theaters. The main characters include Kline who is set to play Errol Flynn, Dakota Fanning as Flynn’s 17-year-old girlfriend, Beverly Aadland, and Susan Sarandon as Florence Aadland, Beverly’s stage mother.

The three main stars bring substance to the film. Kline now 66, is perfect as Errol Flynn and has an impressive portfolio to include roles in “Sophie’s Choice”, “A Fish Called Wanda”, and “The Big Chill”. Sarandon is another huge contributor to the film, having starred in movies like “Pretty Baby”, “Thelma & Louise”, and “Dead Man Walking”. Then there is Dakota Fanning. While just 20 years old, she has acted along movie veterans like Tom Cruise in “War of the Worlds”, but also stared in box office hits such as “Charlotte’s Web” and “The Twilight Saga”.

The story of The Last of Robin Hood revolves around the legendary Errol Flynn’s last love affair. Although some viewers and critics feel there are parts of the movie that fall flat, they agree that the heavy cast of talent will put the film in good light once it hits theaters later this week. Filming of The Last of Robin Hood took place in Atlanta, Georgia, and ended in January 2013. This past June, the first trailer was released, helping to solidify the value of the movie.