The Resurrection of Rocky’s Apollo Creed?

apollo-creedMoviegoers fell in love with Apollo Creed played by Carl Weathers, starting with Rocky in 1976, followed by Rocky II, Rocky III, and then in 1985, Rocky IV. In the movies, Creed was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world and although his initial bout with Rocky Balboa (played by Sylvester Stallone) was in his eyes nothing more than for the fan spectacle, he quickly realized that Rocky was not only talented but a serious contender. The fight goes into a full 15 rounds with Creed ultimately winning by a controversial split decision.

Soon after the fight, Creed demands a rematch, leading to a knockout, followed by retirement. Weather’s character appears again in Rocky III but this time as a guest analyst. After Rocky’s manager Mickey dies, Creed agrees to take his place and the two slowly build trust and friendship. However, due to his death, Creed’s role in the Rocky series comes to an end or so we thought.

Rumblings about a Creed movie have been heard for some time and now after giving an interview with “The Source”, Michael B. Jordan who would play Creed’s grandson, states that a Creed movie is once again on the radar. Although the Rocky film series ended in 2006 with the sixth and final installment, Rocky Balboa, Stallone has starred in a multitude of big hits The Lords of Flatbush, First Blood, Cobra, the Ramboo series, Tango and Cash, Cliffhanger, Zookeeper, Expendables 2, and now, Expendables 3, plus many more.

With his continued success, critics strongly believe that Stallone has exactly what it takes for a Creed movie to make it big in theaters. Although it appeared the franchise had thrown in the towel, there is new hope that a Creed movie will in fact be filmed. Of course, Stallone who is now 68 years old would most likely act in the capacity of coach to Creed’s grandson, perhaps using inspiration from his old manager, Mickey.