The Revenge of “Lucy” Starring Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett JohanssonStarring Scarlett Johansson, an incredible actress known for her many successful roles in film, Lucy is a no-nonsense gun-slinging type movie with lots of action and thrills. However, movie critics agree this movie is richer and has more depth than other movies of its type. Lucy is a 25-year-old woman studying in Taiwan whose life is forever changed after her boyfriend, who is also an employee of a Korean mob boss and drug lord, cons her into working as an international mule for CPH4, a new synthetic drug.

In its natural form, CPH4 helps bones grow in unborn children but it quickly became a popular nightclub drug on which to get high. As part of the ruse, Lucy is abducted by a dangerous gang and forced to swallow a bag of the powdered drug but while trying to get out of the country to deliver the product, the bag bursts. Rather than overdose, the main chemical in the drug made it possible for Lucy to use a much greater percentage of her mind’s capacity.

Lucy’s journey is filled with an unstoppable desire to seek revenge but also escape risk of overdose and determine how the drug is affecting her body. Although the Lucy has been in theaters since July 25, it remains a great choice for movies of this genre. The plot is solid, adventurous, and engaging. One aspect of this movie that grabs the viewer’s attention is that in this day and age, Lucy’s situation is not farfetched. In other words, her tragedy is something that could happen to anyone.

At one point in the movie, Lucy’s true emotions are revealed as she and her mother discuss family life via a phone call. However, as the movie progresses, her vulnerabilities begin to diminish. At that point, Lucy becomes more of a heroine, someone who transformed from a simple student into a bold young woman fighting for answers and her life. Of course, there is no way for Lucy to succeed without strong support as seen in costars that include Morgan Freeman, Amr Waked, and Choi Min-Sik.

This solidly entertaining movie features talented actors but also involves master marksmanship, strong mind powers, hand-to-hand combat, and more, a combination that will not disappoint movie goers.