Tom Hanks, Ron Howard Preparing to Shoot Inferno

InfernoGreat news for moviegoers – Tom Hanks and Ron Howard are getting ready to shoot Inferno sometime this coming April. Howard, as some remember as Opy on the beloved Andy Griffith Show, has become one of the most reputable directors in the film industry while Hanks ranks as one of the most talented actors to ever grace the big screen. Together, Inferno is set to be a mega hit.

The film, Inferno, is based on a novel of the same name written by Dan Brown. This mystery thriller, and fourth in the Robert Langdon series following “Angels & Demons”, “The Da Vinci Code”, and “The Lost Symbol”, was released by Doubleday in May 2013. Having hit the New York Times Best Seller list, movie makers realized turned into a movie they would have another huge hit on their hands.

The story is of Harvard professor, Robert Langdon, played by Tom Hanks, who becomes drawn into a world that centers around on one of the most revered and mysterious literary masterpieces in history – Dante’s Inferno. Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia but thanks to the help of Dr. Sienna Brooks, he slowly begins to recovery bits and pieces of his memory.

However, Langdon finds himself trying to solve an ingenious riddle consisting of futuristic science, classic art, and secret passageways. As part of the quest, he must race to find answers and determine who and is not trustworthy before the world as people know it is forever changed.

Shooting on the film will begin in Italy but then skips around. At this time, Inferno will be released by Universal Pictures on December 18, 2015, barring any delays in scheduling. According to some of the toughest movie critics, the movie will be spellbinding, something that captures and maintains the attention of viewers, much like the book entitled “Inferno” did.

At this time, only 57-year-old Tom Hangs has been confirmed as a cast member of Inferno but based on past movies directed by Ron Howard, the remaining cast members will be equally as talented. This film is action packed and is expected to pull audiences in with all the various twists and turns.