“Tusk” Horror Dramady Film to Hit Theaters in September – Trailer

tuskpic“Tusk” is an American horror dramady film will hit the Toronto International Film Festival before its scheduled release in US theaters on September 19, 2014. Directed by Kevin Smith, the movie is based on his SModcast podcast story. Distributed by A24 Films, “Tusk” will be the first movie in Smith’s True North Trilogy.

The movie has a great cast to include Justin Long (Wallace Bryton), Michael Parks (Howard Howe), Genesis Rodriguez (Allison), Haley Joel Osment (Teddy Craft), and all-time favorite, Johnny Depp (Guy LaPointe). Other actors lending their talent to the film include Harley Morenstein, Ralph Garmen, and Harley Quinn Smith, Smith’s daughter, as well as Lily-Rose Depp, Johnny’s Depp’s real life daughter.

The story revolves around podcaster Wallace Bryton who goes missing in the Manitoba backwoods while on a mission to interview Howard Howe, a mysterious seafarer. In search of Bryton, his best friend Teddy Craft along with girlfriend Allison and Guy LaPointe, an ex-cop, join forces.

While recording The Walrus and the Carpenter on his SModcast 259, Smith came up with the “Tusk” concept. Discussing the Walrus episode with a friend, the two began creating hypothetical stories. This led to Smith asking Twitter followers if they would be interested in seeing the hypotheticals transformed into a movie. After voting was done, Smith realized he had an incredible movie opportunity just waiting to be created.

While waiting for Bob Weinstein’s approval of his “Clerks III” package, Smith completed 80 pages of writing for “Tusk”. Initially, he was going to name the film after the podcast, “The Walrus and the Carpenter” but realized a single word title would be far more enticing. After parting ways with Blumhouse, the original producing company, Smith inked a deal with Demarest Films.

Smith’s goal was to script a movie without sexual or religious politics involved but also to showcase the acting ability of Michael Parks in a bizarre storyline. Shooting of “Tusk” began in November of 2013 and wrapped up in just three weeks. According to movie critics, “Tusk” will be well-received by theater audiences.