Utopia – Hot New Reality Series Coming to Fox

UTOPIA_foxJohn de Mol, creator of “Big Brother”, has developed yet another reality television show called Utopia. This social experiment will air on the Fox network starting with a three-night event on September 7. In all, 15 complete strangers are taken to an isolated area where they are challenged to create the “perfect community”.

The show is based on a Dutch show with the same name that debuted earlier this year to rave reviews. As with “Big Brother”, all the contestants on Utopia will be followed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week thanks to over 100 high-tech robotic cameras. These cameras are set up to capture the contestants as they work to create a comfortable and functional community but without the aid of modern technology and conveniences such as beds and bathrooms.

Although there are no competitions or rewards like seen on the television show ”Survivor”, people appearing on Utopia will get eliminated not only by the Utopia community but also online voters. Each time a contestant leaves, a new one will join.

According to the production team, the greatest challenge of the show was casting. It was necessary to choose the right people, those with skills and interesting personalities. After all, the contestants on Utopia will have to survive the elements so it was important to find people who had a fair chance. This means finding individuals with knowledge of electricity, construction, water, medical care, and so on.

In all, more than 5,000 people applied to be a contestant on Utopia but only 15 made it. Of those, there is a glass blower, building contractor, herbalist, chili farmer, lawyer, ex-con, doomsday prepper, and even a pregnant woman. With such diversity, critics believe Utopia will ultimately rank right there with other similar shows to include, ”Big Brother” and “Survivor”.